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Keep in mind the rules of several investment and collection jewelry2019-09-04
  The use of jewelry, not only have adornment value,Because it's very beautiful and rare,And has a strong value of the asset,And has high security and privacy,Has become a high net worth individuals choose asset allocation of good choice。In this case,...
Guangzhou art jewelry jin training was established2003Years,The company integrates education training、Processing、Sales in the integration of a jewelry design and complete a full set of production process,College courses:Jewelry design、3DComputer graphics、Carving wax、Pure handmade、Chip die、Mosaic(Microscope、Hand set)、Wax microscope、Reverse mould、Of mold、Polishing plating、Colored enamel、The car cost、Group of flowers、Laser welding、The jewellery renovation、Jewelry appraisal、Gem cutting’Such as training courses。Telephone WeChat: 153 2333 6229Mr Xu[For details]
Guangzhou institute of art jewelry jin
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The ground The address:Guangzhou panyu district sand head pick jewelry city streetAArea2FloorB8、B9Number
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